Jul 25, 2012

dbpre - version with CURSORS

Ok, after being distracted with other stuff, here is now the source code + example program of dbpre, which can handle cursors.

At least one cursor open at the same time was tested.

The source code can be downloaded from here:


More to come, and more stable and tested stuff, when summer and vacations are over :D


  1. Hey, great stuff. I'm interested in this because I'm trying to get rid of the expensive micro focus COBOL compiler in our software. Open COBOL and mySQL would decrease our costs a lot.

    1. Hello Anon...we are looking at exactly the same situation trying to convert from acucobol (now owned by microfocus) to opencobol and mysql. Have you been successful and what tools have worked for you.

  2. Thanks for posting!

    If you find any bugs, have any suggestions, ideas, whatever, please post them here.

    When i have more time, meaning, summoer and vacations are over, i will try to work on checking the definitions of fields in the database and in COBOL, if they match or not.

    Thats one of my to do's right now.

    Cheers o/