Apr 27, 2012

First release of the MySql preprocessor dbpre V 0.1

This is the first release of the pre-alpha version of dbpre, the preprocessor for OpenCobol and MySql.


Please read the README.TXT in that zip file for further informations, how to use this release and try the example programs.

The version number is 0.1, so expect, what you will get.

This release was developed and tested only under Ubuntu, so if you want to try it under other operating systems, you might have to do some extra work to get it running.

One special thing, which is different from DB2, Oracle or others, dbpre does not (yet) know cursors.

A SELECT statement delivers a result or DB-NOT-FOUND.

Right now you have to find out, if the result has more than one row by FETCH'ing the next row.

The difference between SELECT/CURSOR in DB2 and dbpre is: SELECT returns DB-OK, if even more than one row is found.

Please keep that in mind while testing dbpre :)

Please post comments, suggestions, ideas, bugs, whatever here or send me an email to the_piper@web.de.

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